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Proper Planning can Prevent Relapse & Readmission

A stay in the hospital can be scary enough, but did you know that many people end up back in the hospital within 30 days of being sent home? It’s true, but there are a few steps you can take to lower your chance of going back.

Step 1: While you are in the hospital, SPEAK UP!
If you are on Medicare or with a Medicare Advantage Plan, you have the right to appeal your discharge. If the hospital wants to send you home or to another type of care center before you feel comfortable, you have the right to question it. Livanta, your Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), will have a doctor check to see if the hospital was correct in deciding to send you home.

Step 2: When you do go home, KNOW YOUR PLAN!
You can keep yourself out of the hospital by understanding and following your discharge plan. The discharge plan includes steps and instructions for what you need to do to manage your health after leaving the hospital. Make sure that the medical staff explains your plan to you before you leave.

Step 3: Lean on your support system!
If you have someone who helps you with your medical care, like a family member or spouse, they should know about your discharge plan. Those people are called “caregivers.” By bringing your caregiver into your discharge plan, you could reduce your chance of going back to the hospital by 25%! If you still have questions, call us. Livanta can help!