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Learning About Immediate Advocacy

Livanta can help to resolve some concerns the same day. When you contact Livanta, trained staff members will help you determine the best program to address your concerns. Callers always have the option for traditional medical record review, but this new innovative program may be more valuable to callers.

Immediate Advocacy is intended to help those callers who have a question about their care or need immediate intervention to remove a barrier to quality care.

Immediate Advocacy (IA) is an informal, voluntary process used by Livanta to resolve your complaint quickly. This process begins when you or your representative contact us and give verbal consent to proceed with the complaint. Once you agree to the process and give your consent, we contact the provider and/or practitioner on your behalf. Immediate Advocacy is not appropriate when you do not want your identity disclosed to the provider and/or practitioner. Also, Immediate Advocacy does not take the place of a clinical quality of care review, which includes an assessment of your medical records.

Examples of quality issues that may be better handled by IA are:
Patient doesn’t understand why surgery keeps getting delayed.
Patient has called doctor several time to request a refill, but prescription is not received by pharmacy.
Patient not receiving therapies or wheelchair as ordered.
Patient’s family member requested team meeting with the facility, but facility will not schedule.
Steps for Immediate Advocacy (IA):
1.Patient or representative calls the Livanta helpline.
2.Upon determining there is a quality of care concern, the representative transfers the call to a nurse.
3.Nurse talks with caller to discuss the best method for addressing their concern – either IA or traditional medical record review.
4.Caller makes decision on which method they would like.
5.Nurse calls provider to request provider permission to participate in IA.
6.Nurse facilitates resolution between provider and caller.

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Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (local time)
24 hour voicemail service is available
Quality of Care Complaint Form
- Document your quality of care complaint with this form and instruction packet, so we can make health care better together.
This service is provided absolutely free of charge to Medicare Beneficiaries.
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LivantaCares Medicare Helpline

The LivantaCares Medicare Helpline app is the fastest way to address your Medicare health care concerns and to receive notifications on the status of your case. It is now GPS enabled to receive timely notification regarding your Medicare rights. There are no phone trees to navigate and the wait time to speak with a specialist is under 30 seconds. You can contact the Medicare Quality Improvement Program with ease. Livanta is a US Government authorized Medicare contractor.
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