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Medical Records

Will Livanta offer encrypted email or a portal for receipt of provider records and/or transmission of decision?

Livanta has no plans at this time to accept PHI via email. However, a CMS portal will be available in the near future. Livanta will publish a Provider Bulletin on our website when this portal is available.

Does Livanta ask for specific sections of the patient chart or should the whole chart be faxed/mailed?

Record requests are specific to the type of review and Livanta’s Request for Medical Record documentation provides a suggested list of items for the plan/provider to consider sending to the QIO. What is required is the medical documentation that supports your decision to issue the notice. Please do not send the entire medical record.

What if I have a problem faxing medical records to Livanta?

Please call 1 866 - 815 - 5440.
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Find out how to become a physician reviewer for Livanta. Joining our team of physician reviewers indicates a significant interest in continuing the improvement of quality and utilization of health care services to Medicare beneficiaries.